Anne Griffith

Anne Griffith   -    PAINTINGS

1200 Steuart Street - 1514  -  Baltimore, MD 21230   (410) 889-3311

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"A Strong and Gentle Voice…" *


Anne Griffith paints landscapes and animal images in a way that comes across as both lively and meditative, serene and disturbing.  Her smaller paintings create a personal world where one can enter a realm of peace and wonder. In the larger paintings there is an even stronger felt presence of the spirit and a touch of the tragicomic aspects of life here on earth.

Griffith was educated at the Academia di Belle Arti, Rome,  the School of the Art Institute and University of Chicago in Chicago, Illinois.  She sells her work directly to individual buyers and through non-contractual relationships with galleries, collectors and interior designers.


© 2015 A K Griffith

* Libby Smigel, Dundee Observer, Feb. 24, 1993